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How we work
We believe in doing the simple things well, so as an applicant you will receive the following support:
  • You will have access to an Account Manager who will advise you about each vacancy we have and your suitability for it.  If we think you match a vacancy we will email you a full jobspec, together with the companies website address, so you can see who they are and what they do etc.
  • We will keep you informed about your CV during the application process, so if you are not successful we will let you know and let you know why.
  • Before an interview, you will receive an interview pack, including not just your interview information but information on how to perform in the interview.
As this is a free service, it is in our interest that you do well, so we will give you as much information as possible that will allow you to do just that.  Most significantly, we believe it is in our interest that we don't just get you a job, but that we get you the right job, so we will not pressure you to accept a job, if you don't want it we will not force you to accept it.
To apply to any of our vacancies or to make a general enquiry don't hesitate to contact us:
What you can expect from us
  • A full jobspec or job summary
  • You will be told who the company is
  • Your CV will only be sent to vacancies you have seen and have confirmed you are interested in
  • We can contact you at a time that suits you between 9am to 8pm via phone, email or text depending on what suits you.
  • You will receive an interview pack before an interview
  • You will receive a phone call before the interview to go over any questions you may have about the role or the company

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